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BASIC256 Related Pages:
Introduction to programming using the BASIC256 language. Originally written for middle-school aged students but suitable for anybody interested in learning to program.
Manuel Santos' BASIC-256 Blog - Lots of sample code including: art, math, geometry, physics, and games.
Mike V. (AKA UglyMike) has posted a bunch of really beautiful graphics programs he has written using BASIC256. Check out his hard work..
Other BASIC Pages:
Note: Programs seen on these pages may not work directly in BASIC256 without modification. Refer to the language specifications of the original dialect of BASIC these programs were written in.
Collection of beautiful graphics programs written in QBasic. Thanks Joel Kahn.
BASIC Computer Games - Edited by David H. Ahl, published 1978 - A totally classic collection of text based BASIC games.
Other BASIC Dialects and Interpreters:
BBC Basic - Programming language from the original BBC produced line of personal computers in the early 1980s. Updated and maintained for modern computers with backward compatibility to the "good-old-days".
JustBASIC - Free and limited version of BASIC from the developers of LibertyBASIC.

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